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Nowhere Near London

Nowhere Near London (Or, The Late Walter Benjamin)

A room in the late 1940s and four cold men drawn to a telepathic girl who walks with a dangerous Romeo.

Juggling realism, surrealism and even pantomime, Nowhere Near London explores the earliest days of the South Oxhey council estate, the last days of the German-Jewish writer Walter Benjamin, and everyday that has ever been lived in Eden.

 Nowhere Near London is adapted from John Schad’s novel The Late Walter Benjamin (Bloomsbury).

‘Set partly in Watford and partly in the haunted wing of the English language.’

(Ian McMillan, on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Verb’)

Members of the audience are invited, if they wish, to stay for a brief Q&A with author, director and cast.

This event is supported by the University of Lancaster

Click here (clip begins at 2hrs 38secs) to listen to John Schad (writer of Nowhere Near London) talking to BBC Radio Three Counties about his upcoming play. 

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Box Office 01923 225671

7.30pm Monday July 4th 2016

Tickets: £10 (£5 concession).

Running time: 75 minutes